Soho Impact
C Program

In 2018, NXC founded NEXON Foundation (Korea) to expand social contribution activities' base for Nexon company, and simultaneously established SOHO Impact Foundation (USA) to newly promote brick donation projects around the world. Plus, NXC has been a part of the venture philanthropy project called "C-Program" which was set up by 1st generation of successful Korean entrepreneurs in 2017, under the motto of "give back to society meaningfully".

The NEXON Foundation is an organization established by Nexon Company that focuses on sustainable expansion of social contribution actitivies. Besides from Small Reading Room programs which kicked off in 2005, Nexon Company established PURME Foundation Nexon Children's Rehabilitation Hospital - the first one in its kind and Nexon Computer Museum - the one and only in Asia, as well as hosting NEXON Youth Programming Challenge (NYPC). Building upon these projects, Nexon Foundation is in the process of carrying out new projects for the future generation in the areas of IT, culture, play and health under its slogan 'From a Child.'

SOHO Impact Foundation is a non-profit organization that centers around creative play and spread its presence. In conjuction with NEXON Foundation, SOHO Impact Foundation is developing brick based play and related programs for children around the globe, and consolidate its efforts with global NGOs and educational institutes.

C Program is a venture philanthropy fund which was founded by renowned 1st generation enterpreneurs in Korea under the slogan 'Sound growth for future generations.' Its characteristics are similar with venture capitals such as directly search and select the investment target, strategic support for its growth, multi-year investments, clear performance evaluation and establishing relevant networks, but a venture philanthrpy does not require profits - rather, its priority lies in making more impact to society.