Supporting Jeju Local Communities

NXC, in conjunction with Neople, supports local youth with new ideas. In August 2015, a new program was initiated under the name of 'The Youth Project for a New Jeju(a.k.a. Neo-Jeju),' which champions and uncovers young planners who would design and carry out various events and meetups that promote local communities.

NXC has been continuously supporting the Jeju Olle Trail as a close sponsor to preserve its natural envrionment, one that is considered to be the most beautiful and peaceful trails in the world. Along with the Jeju Federation for Environmental Movement and the Jeju Solidarity for Participatory Self-government & Environmental Preservation (JSPEP), NXC's efforts for the island's natural beauty will be firmly sustained.

NXC also supports various cultural art projects that can be organically grown into cultural ecosystems with an emphsis on its localities. Therefore, NXC continues to sponsor the local film festivals such as the Jeju Film Festival, the Jeju Women's Film Festival, the Jeju Disabled People's Human Rights Film Festival, and the Jeju French Film Festival. The company has not been sparing its effort for sponsoring a wide spectrum of local festivals in Jeju which includes the event like Jeju Fringe Festival.